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With over 25 years’ experience Safety Locksmith Virginia Beach serves customers with timely quality service. My 25 years of service in the locksmith business has and is wonderful.  Recently I added my locksmith Virginia Beach serves to the region. I have served the locksmith lock and remote customers in other markets but working as a locksmith Virginia beach has been a great change in lifestyle. I will work to become the most trusted name in Locksmith Virginia Beach. To see a person reunited with their car after they have locked their keys inside is still a pleasure for me and I look forward to providing this locksmith service in Virginia Beach as well as many other security services.

I have looked at the locksmith business environment that serves Virginia Beach VA. I think you will agree that our Safety Locksmith website is here to help you find the locksmith service you need.  If you have trouble finding what you are looking for please contact us at 757.660.8840 we will gladly assist in finding the service you need.


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Safety Locksmith Services support the idea of making America healthy and we support the efforts of GYMStar Calculators to improve America’s health. When time is available we visit junior high, high school and colleges promoting the values of exercise. To learn more about GYMStar Calculators and how the numbers inspire you to exercise a little more, click on the picture above. If you want to purchase a watch and or membership remember our discount code. “safety”

Today we have professionals who open locked cars. If locked out of a home no problem we will get you back in without damage to the door lock. Need new locks installed just call us. We are here to help.  Thank You!  -Russ